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“Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Turn ‘Customers’ Into ‘Members’ Guaranteed to Increase Your Revenue Without Creating More Work for You!”

Scott WhitakerIf you’ve ever wanted to create a membership program but didn’t know where to start, this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Because I am going to show you how to create a membership program that’ll allow you to multiply your income. You’ll be able to provide your products and/or services without having to deal with the constant battle to always get a customer.

But before I do that, let me tell you a story of how I was able to overcome the struggle of always trying to get more customers…

In my previous business we hit a wall. Sales only came in if we offered a discount (most of the time over 50% off) and ran a promotion that had a strict deadline.

We had a catalog of over 100 products. We would just discount one after another after another. It was a series of ongoing, never-ending promotions.

This backfired big time!

We had people waiting to see when an item would go on sale. People were getting frustrated with us after buying something only to see it on sale a week later. Some people stopped buying altogether.

As a business we just couldn’t continue this downward spiral. We were losing some of our best customers.

After Experiencing Customer Burnout I Decided To Do Something About It!!!

We reversed the problem. We created a membership program where our customers could go for the resources and coaching they wanted.

We no longer had to constantly battle to get new customers. We were able to see sales in one day what it would take us an entire month to create.

Plus, we were able to automate our sales. No more asking customers to buy from us, we automated their membership with a recurring subscription.

So after I was able to reverse our decrease in sales and create automated and recurring customers I decided…

Why Not Make The Ability To Build a Healthy Membership Program Available To Everyone!!!

I have combined all the research…all the hours I spent researching membership programs into a single solution built on “Seven Systems of a Growing Membership Program.”

You’ll get all my tips, tools and techniques that’ll allow you to turn a customer into a member when you invest in my coaching network.

I will help increase your membership program without having to constantly beg for new members.

Turn Customers Into Members In 90 Days or Less!

The goal of every business is to get a customer. Why not get customers to become members?
In doing so, you’ll create a community within your business that your customers will rave about. You’ll also receive greater profits.
Regardless of the business you’re in, you can create a membership program. Think about it, there are now membership companies for razor blades, food delivery, bookstores, Amazon, Netflix, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, pet care, lawyers, pastors, real estate agents, insurance agents, restaurants, wine companies, cookie companies, health care and more.
Why not join them?
Every membership model needs to have multiple levels. You’ll be able offer your customers different levels of service and provide varying levels of revenue generators.
How do you know the different levels of service, pricing, benefits? Let me help you determine these levels to better serve your customers.
Not sure you have enough content or products to serve your customers on a continual basis? I will point out the content opportunities that exist in your business.
You don’t have to have everything up front. I will help develop a simple system to deliver your content and services.
Once you get a member, what’s your plan to keep them? How do you welcome them so that they stay for life.
What do you do in the first hour, the first day, the first week and the first month so that your customers fall in love with your membership and create referrals.
Develop a strategic plan for your members that includes recruiting new members, helping them ascend, create referrals, what happens when a member quits, and how you can recapture lost members.
You’ll also need a strategic plan for your content delivery and/or products.

I Will Coach & Help You Implement The
“Seven Systems of a Healthy Membership Business”

Assimilation System – How you move people from prospects to fully-engaged members in your program

This is where we’ll start selling your membership program and turn prospects into members.
We’ll answer the question, what should people get in the:

  • First hour they join?
  • First day?
  • First week?
  • First month?
  • First quarter?
  • First six months?
  • First year?
Marketing System – How you attract prospects with your marketing

We will build your marketing funnel. Developing your lead magnet that will attract you the best possible prospects. We’ll nurture those prospects and build a desire for your membership program. We will demonstrate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), we’ll show them the benefits of your program and use testimonies to share the success of others.

Content System – How you plan, implement and evaluate your membership program

This system focuses on the “features” of your membership program. We’ll answer the questions of:

  • What will you provide?
  • How will you provide it?
  • How frequently will you provide it?
  • We’ll evaluate the effectiveness to make sure that we’re over-delivering on what we promised to your members.

As we answer these questions, we’ll constantly evaluate if these are in the best interest of your members.

Retention System – How to get people to stay on for the long-haul

Here’s what I know – it is easy to see cancellations happen and immediately venture out to get as many new members as possible to try to make up for it.

When that happens – you enter the rat wheel of just always trying to keep up.

That is one way to do it but NOT the best way.

The real goal ought to be to increase the retention of members instead of just replacing canceled members with new members.

The fastest way to increase your revenue by double-digit percentages is to lower your churn rate, thereby increasing the lifetime value of every member.

We’ll make sure that we have a pathway for people to follow so that they don’t lose interest in your program and quit.

Most members quit during the third month. The problem is most businesses wait to develop a plan. They wait until month three. By that time it’s too late! We’ll develop a plan that will get members to stay beyond month three. Then we’ll develop a pathway to keep members engaged and stay for the long-haul.

Ascension System – Developing levels to move members upward and downward to prevent cancellations and increase profits.

This is where we’ll focus on ascension and descension within your membership program.

If you’re going to have a membership program you need to have a way that members can progress through their membership. Creating an ascension model for your program will help your members and increase your revenue.

Plus, before you let a member quit, there should be a descension process in place to help them through whatever barrier they may be facing that is causing them to quit.

Strategy System – How to constantly evaluate and improve your membership program.

What tweaks can we make to increase membership, increase retention, reduce cancellations and create more profit. We’ll constantly look for opportunities and new ventures to provide your members.

Are there new products, services, events that you can provide your members that will benefit them and better serve the goals of your membership program.

Leadership System – Developing your personal leadership so that you can lead your members.

John Mawell says, “He that thinketh he leadeth, and hath no one following, is only taking a walk.” If you’re all alone as a leader, are you really leading? Losing touch with your people is a huge leadership landmine. It will damage your credibility and destroy your influence. How do you avoid losing touch?

Growing membership businesses are led by growing leaders. If you’re going to be a leader, you must have a personal growth plan to develop your leadership skills and become a better leader of those you’re leading.

If you just grow your membership program by just five new members every month, you will have grown your program by 60 people in just one year! Multiply that by the COMPOUNDING revenue and your titanium membership will more than pay for itself! Not to mention the number of members you’ll keep from quitting.


Let the numbers speak for themselves:

If you gain 5 new members every month, you will have
new members

Compound the number of payments over the course of 12 months and you have
monthly payments

If you charge just $199 for your membership you will generate
in new profits

Still not convinced? Try the calculator for yourself.

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What you will receive with my coaching:

  • How to create a membership program from scratch (without having to create more content)
  • How to rapidly launch your membership program in 45 days or less
  • Pricing strategies that will bring you greater profits
  • Proven marketing ideas that will generate new members
  • Building an ascension strategy to give your members a path to success
  • How to stop cancellations in their tracks
  • Creating a descension strategy to give members alternate options to canceling
  • How to build community in your program
  • Creating the right benefits for your members so that you can guarantee their success
  • How to find your target audience for increased membership
  • Moving prospects to become long-term members
  • How to downgrade members instead of losing them for life
  • Equip your members to increase referrals
  • How to evaluate your membership program so that members stay engaged
  • Decrease membership churn and increase membership retention for greater profit
  • Develop a velvet rope around your most valuable asset – YOU!
  • Plus so much more!

Two Convenient Options To Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Choose either:

Option #1 (Most Popular) – BUSINESS BUILDER MONTHLY
This is the ideal network for those looking to make constant improvements to their program every month.
This network will help you make small tweaks that will bring huge payoffs for you and your members.

This is a monthly CONSULTING and coaching call where I’ll go to work on your membership program with you. This is ideal for the entrepreneur who is looking to launch a membership program or new level to an existing program.

You receive personalized attention from me. When you have a coaching call with me, I’m helping you get new members, increase retention and keep people from quitting.
Therefore, spots are limited and will fill up!

Membership Business ACCELERATOR


Per Month
  • One-Time Fast Action 60-minute Coaching all
  • Monthly Private Consulting Call
  • Monthly Coaching Call
  • Monthly Membership Gold Newsletter
  • Monthly Expert Interview
  • PRIORITY Email Access
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Private Client By Application Only

One-Day Or Two-Days Available
  • One-day Consulting Day
  • Two-day Consulting Days
  • One-Time Fast Action Conference Call
  • Includes Access to Online Training Resources
  • Monthly Membership Gold Newsletter
  • Conference Call As Needed
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Not Sure Which Network is Right For You?

The “Business Builder” Network is for those who desire consistent direction, tips and tools to improve and grow their membership program.
With my monthly coaching I will guide you and improve your membership program.
The “Business Accelerator” is intended for those who are seeking rapid development of their membership program.
I will come alongside you every week and help you build and grow your membership program.
This is the perfect option for someone looking for onsite consulting or greater attention for their business.
We can develop a custom program for your business to help you accomplish your goals.

Still have questions?
Call Scott Whitaker’s office at (561) 826-4624 or email

You can receive at FREE “Discovery Call” with Scott to determine if coaching is the best next step for you.

What Others Are Saying

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that this network wouldn’t exist without Scott Whitaker. After hearing me say for years that I wanted to build a network for renegade pastors, he finally cornered me (literally) in a hotel lobby in Southern California and told me it was time to put action behind my words (at least that’s what I heard him say; I’m sure he was more tactful). Two months later, The Renegade Pastors Network was born. Thank you, Scott!”Nelson Searcy, Founder of The Renegade Pastors Network and Church Leader Insights
“In just 24 hours our membership conversions went from 14% to 71% with one simple tweak that Scott made.”Bill Heid, President Heirloom Audio
For me, writing and developing content for my newly formed coaching program has been one of the things that has held me back from launching sooner.
After discussing my dilemma with Scott, he rather quickly over the phone helped me categorize and calendar the content I had previously created to develop the “Seven Keys to Building a Better Dental Practice.”
The good news was I didn’t have to create anything new taking up more of my time. As a full time practicing periodontist, time is money.
Scott gave me a simple and easy solution to organize content what I thought was hidden, and now can use to coach Periodontists with the “Perio Success Academy.”
Dr. Jeff Anzalone, Founder of Perio Success Academy

P.S. I want to remove any fear you may have in joining my coaching. I know that there’s enough fear already in trying to launch, grow and build a membership program. So here it is:
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My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My consulting is not for everyone but if you choose to join, I would like to offer you a no-hassle, no questions asked guarantee. Here it is: I’m so confident that after implementing my tips and tools that you will grow your network. If you don’t, you can call my office at any time and tell me that my coaching isn’t growing your membership program and I will refund your most recent investment. Plus, you can keep any of the resources, MP3s or materials that you have received to date.

In other words, I want to remove any fear you might have in joining this network.