7 Things You Won’t Believe People Are Selling With Membership

Let’s have a little fun… As Membership Business owners creativity is our friend, and that’s why it can be particularly discouraging when we have a mental block or when we feel like we’ve run out of good ideas. Well here’s a list of 10 truly absurd things that are actually selling with membership… …hopefully you find it inspiring and thought-provoking (or … Read More

Seven Systems of Growing Membership Business

If you would like to build a membership business, keep members from quitting and have predictable recurring income, then this will be the most important article you read all year. Every membership business has Seven Systems. They exist whether you know it or not. In the same way your body has systems (like your respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, muscular, etc.), your … Read More

What You Can Learn from Cadillac

Cadillac Book

Would you like a Cadillac Membership? No, I’m not talking about some new level – Gold, Diamond, Cadillac. I’m talking about a real membership with Cadillac, the car company. I wanted to pass along an article to you where Cadillac is entering the membership/subscription business with their “Cadillac Book Service.” For $1500 a month, you can get a Cadillac. The … Read More

Losing Members?

you win you lose

Are you losing members? Of course! It’s one of the unfortunate circumstances of having a membership program. You win some and you lose some. Most business owners just accept that it happens and move on to find new members. However, the above average business owner will find opportunities to keep members from quitting. The profit for your membership program is … Read More