Quick question – Why should I . . .


Quick question for you – why should I join your membership program? Can you and your staff quickly give the unique selling proposition (USP) that your membership offers? More than likely your staff will start listing what people will receive with their membership and not the benefits or desired outcome that people will experience with their membership. So, do you … Read More

Pricing Strategies from ‘Shrinking Food’

Rick Lax

What can you learn from “shrinking food?” You may have seen this video below from Rick Lax. If not, it’s worth a quick look. But first – how does it apply to your business? Ask: Do we even need to do this at all?  You’ve made some strategic decisions that no longer apply. The strategies behind those decisions no longer … Read More

Which of these pictures best represents you?

stressed owner

Once there were two business owners. Both were smart, worked hard and delivered good products and services. But one of them felt like felt like this: The other one felt like this: The difference was one kept up with the times and learned how to sell his products and services en masse via membership programs generating huge paydays for himself. … Read More

Reasons Members Quit (#101)

Lazy Members

Members join and members quit. Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad and many times for what “seems like no reason at all.” It’s that last statement that is scary and often taken for granted. Business owners don’t take the time to delve into the reasons why members quit let alone figure out how to combat it. Many business owners … Read More

Membership Strategies from the UFC

UFC Logo

I recently had the opportunity to attend a UFC Fight in Las Vegas. The UFC has become one of the fastest growing organizations in sports.  The Fertitta Brothers bought the UFC in 2001 for two million dollars and 15 years later sold it for four billion dollars.  Not a bad ROI. But that’s not what this post is about.  It’s … Read More

When Members Become Mannequins (and How to Reengage Them)


The Mannequin Challenge – if you haven’t heard (or seen it yet) it’s taking the internet by storm. Think flash mob but with people posing like mannequins. Seeing people standing still for long periods of time – reminds me of what happens in a lot of membership programs. People join, take some quick action but then all the sudden they … Read More

31 Reasons Why Members Quit

members quit

Below are 31 Reasons Members Quit. They’re 31 reasons that I’ve heard over and over from members and leaders like you. There’s so much competing for your members and so much going on in the personal life and business of your members that even the slightest interference can cause your members to quit. You’ve got to have a plan for … Read More

Do you work for a two-year old?


I came across a great quote from Jack Canfield while reading, “The Success Principles.” Here’s the quote: Fear is a signal that we must stay alert and cautious. We can feel fear, but we can still move forward anyway. Think of your fear as a two-year old child who doesn’t want to go to the grocery store with you. You … Read More